Xiaomi Mi 11 scored just 120 in DXOMARK camera test while Mi 11 Ultra is on top with 143 point

Xiaomi Mi 11

DXOMARK officially announced that Xiaomi Mi 11 has a camera score of 120 points, which is not among the top 20 on the list. Officials said that Xiaomi Mi 11’s DXOMARK camera scored 120 points.

In the photo category, the phone achieved the best results in the texture test without much noise. It also achieved quite high scores in most other test items, so the photo performance is strong.

However, the phone’s zoom score was slightly lower, which lowered the overall camera score, mainly due to the lack of a dedicated telephoto camera. The wide-angle performance is good, but it is not the best performing phone in this category.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 has a video score of 107 points, which is very good. Its video can capture rich details, good dynamic range, and low noise. The main camera of Xiaomi Mi 11 is 108 million pixels, the ultra-wide-angle lens is 13 million pixels, and there is also a 5 million pixel focal macro camera.

There is a big gap between Xiaomi Mi 11 and the top scores on the DXOMARK list, which are the same as Samsung Note 20, Pixel 5, and K30 Pro zoom version.

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