Xiaomi will launch a phone with its third-generation under-display camera tech in 2021

Last year, Xiaomi showed a prototype with an under-display selfie camera but that time the technology was not ready for consumer use. Now, the company has confirmed that it will launch a phone with its third-generation under-display camera tech in 2021.

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Xiaomi has improved the full-screen effect through self-developed pixel arrangement, and through the optimization of the camera algorithm, allowing it to show the same performance as conventional cameras. The under-display module will offer the same image quality as conventional selfie cameras.

Xiaomi’s under-screen camera tech makes use of double the number of horizontal and vertical pixels to gives the same pixel density as the rest of the display. With a more immersive all-screen design, you won’t be able to spot the camera module under the screen.

The third-gen-under-screen camera solution also adopts a unique circuit design that helps the company to hide more components under the RGB sub-pixel, which further increases the light transmitted from the under-screen camera area.

From Xiaomi, “The self-developed pixel arrangement used in Xiaomi’s 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology allows the screen to pass light through the gap area of ​​sub-pixels, allowing each single pixel to retain a complete RGB subpixel layout without sacrificing pixel density.

Compared with other common solutions on the market, Xiaomi has doubled the number of horizontal and vertical pixels, achieving the same pixel density above the camera as on the rest of the display area. Thus, the area above the integrated camera demonstrates the same brightness, color gamut and color accuracy as the rest of the display“.

Source: Xiaomi

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