Samsung considers reducing memory chip prices in second half of 2022

According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics is considering lowering the price of its memory chips in the second half of 2022, aiming to further expand its market share. If Samsung decides to cut prices, other memory chip companies will follow suit, sparking a price war in the second half of the year, the sources said.


Sales of SSDs and other storage devices were not satisfactory during China’s 618 (June 18) shopping festival, sources said, putting pressure on downstream suppliers and component houses to accelerate inventory adjustments.

As a result, chip suppliers have begun to loosen their view on price. In addition, the sources pointed out that almost all types of memory prices will fall by more than 10% quarter-on-quarter in the third quarter of 2022. In the spot market, prices have been falling rapidly since the second quarter.

Micron said that some enterprise OEM customers intend to trim their memory and storage inventories due to weak end demand in the consumer market as well as in the data center segment.