Samsung admits to GOS issue slowing down over 10,000 apps, SW update coming soon

Samsung is suspected of slowing down the performance of thousands of Android apps on Galaxy smartphones. Meanwhile, Game optimization services used the app to limit game performance, this making the Gaming experience worse, but soon Samsung officially responded to this argument.


Now, Samsung has officially announced about the GOS issue that the reason for limiting game performance is to prevent the CPU and GPU from overheating by running the game for a long time.

Moreover, Samsung has a solution for the GOS issue, essentially a nerd button that allows you to force to prioritize performance above all else through the preloaded Game Booster app on GOS Galaxy devices.

Samsung official statement:

We are trying to continuously collect opinions from customers in order to expand the choice of options and provide optimal performance to prevent overheating.

In order to meet the needs of various customers recently, a performance priority option will be added to the game booster lab by SW update in the future.

We will continue to listen to the opinion of the consumers and we will do our best to satisfy consumers.

But the Game Booster app, there is already an option that allows you to choose whether the device prioritizes performance or battery life, or balances the two. In addition, users have to manually select performance options for each application and game they do not want their phone or tablet to be turned off.

Samsung hasn’t specified anything clearly but as mentioned they will continue to listen to the opinions of consumers and will do their best to satisfy consumers. Alongside the company ensure to resolve all your issues and concern in future updates.

Via – SammyFans

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