Samsung features new digital expert ‘SAM’ in Latin America

Samsung features new digital expert 'SAM' in Latin America

In a recent press release, Samsung has shared some views on its new digital expert ‘SAM’ that has entered Latin America. The digital expert is hired to tackle the twist and turns that the consumers face while dealing with a product or service. It proves to be an innovative aid for the users to learn more about the company’s devices and features.


The new digital expert of Samsung – SAM will reside on the main consumer platforms of the company. For instance, digital channels, social media groups, online retail stores, and more. Consequently, the main purpose of the modish avatar is to show new ways of using Samsung devices. Hence, making users’ life effortless with the help of Samsung products and services.

Samsung features new digital expert 'SAM' in Latin America

Thought’s of Samsung on the New Avatar

The CMO and Head of Marketing of the Mobile Division, Claudia Contreras, at Samsung Electronics have shared their thoughts on the slaying avatar. Claudia uttered the following words for the digital expert:

These are the first steps of SAM, a vivid and friendly character who from now on will play an important role in Samsung’s awareness campaigns with younger consumers, mainly with generation Z. Our goal is to strengthen the consistency of our brand presence in the region”.

Furthermore, the new digital expert SAM will be available on all channels of Samsung in Latin America including Mexico. To start with, it will give a preview of Galaxy S22 connectivity and then the Multi-Device Experience.