Samsung Galaxy users can enjoy Magic Eraser and new Google Photos features

Samsung Magic Eraser Google features

Google is availing some exciting and Pixel-exclusive features such as Magic Eraser to iOS and Android devices, including Samsung. Eventually, these features will hype the user experience with the Samsung Gallery and Google Photos applications.

The details reveal that Google is implementing new additions for Android and iOS-based devices via the Google One subscription. As per a recent declaration, Google One users will be able to access new and Pixel-exclusive tools in the Photos app.

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Alongside this, they will also get free shipping on print orders with the mentioned features. Thus, here is a chance for Samsung Galaxy users to enjoy the Magic Eraser, HDR video effect, amazing collage styles, and some other Google Photos features.

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For your information, the Magic Eraser feature allows you to remove unwanted objects from the images you captured. It is a pretty useful feature when you need to remove someone or something from your precious shot.

Samsung Magic Eraser Google features

Meanwhile, the HDR effects add more color and vibrance. But it looks like Google Photos will now allow Android and iOS users to use HDR effects and enhance the brightness and contrast across their videos.

Last but not least, the collage editor feature will now let you apply Styles to a single photo in the collage editor. Moreover, a range of new Styles is coming to the collage editor for Google One members and Pixel users.

Consumers in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom can get free shipping on orders from the print store.

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