Samsung One UI 5.1 removes Color Palette feature from Volume Control Interface

Samsung One UI 5.1 Color Palette

Samsung fans have been eagerly waiting for the One UI 5.1 version. And to raise the excitement level, the company has pinned several interesting features to the new build. However, Samsung One UI 5.1 does not support the Color Palette feature for the Volume Control Panel.

Yes, that’s right! Color Palette counts as one of the users’ favorite elements in Samsung smartphones. Consequently, it enables you to customize the theme of your phone, based on the lock screen or home screen wallpaper. Moreover, this theme works for the entire UI and app icons in the device.

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Notably, the company enhanced the Color Palette feature with One UI 5.0 software and brought 16 Palettes and Basic Color options. But as of now, the new Samsung One UI 5.1 seems to be ruining the functionality of the Color Palette feature.

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One of the tech bloggers has recently shared a screenshot of the volume panel interface of the S23 Ultra phone that shows that it no longer supports the color palette feature. In response, various other users of Galaxy S23 shared the same thing.

Let’s see whether Samsung will fix this in the coming days, or if we have to experience the new firmware like this.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Color Palette


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