Samsung Electronics has announced that they are going to hold a pre-sale event for its new QLED. The Company is going to keep this event between the 3rd to 14th of March 2022, and before the official launch of its new TV series.

This Neo QLED has been leading the Korean market and overseas premium TV market. We have all been well aware of this since its debut last year. Samsung said that it will expand its ultra-large lineup in the year 2022, and will work on its picture quality sound quality, and smart functions, inside the box.


What is QLED?

Quantum dot light-emitting diode is fundamentally a technology that sandwiches a layer of Quantum dot film to the LCD Screen. Sandwiching a Quantum dot layer between two LCDs. Here Quantum represents the charged layer, which is ‘transmissive’ in nature.


The company has maintained its top spot for 17 consecutive years. In the days to come they will work on 8K and extra-large size Neo QLED, and majorly they are operating on both 8K and 4K product families are mainly operating for 75-inch and 85-inch models.

Samsung said that they are going to provide a variety of models in the remaining quarters of 2022. However, they have been continuously expanding themselves for the previous 21 years.

The Korean Tech is currently working on the ‘INFINITE DESIGN’ this design reduces the space required for the TV installation and it feels as if there is no boundary for this display as they reduce its borders to 2.3mm, with a minimalistic approach.

Another new technology used inside the box is ‘SLIM ONE-CONNECT’, which is a tech that eliminates space restrictions, while conveniently connecting to another peripheral device.





Engulfed ‘Neo Quantum Processor’ improves the light source processing level adjusts itself to adequate brightness and provides more vivid color expressions. It senses the object in the image and optimizes the shape of the light source to adjust the bright and dark side of the image dedicatedly.

The new ‘AI Comfort Optimization’ function adjusts the screen brightness and color temperature according to the surrounding brightness and has a feature that automatically adjusts the blue light to provide a congenial viewing experience.

The New Neo QLED has applied ‘Dolby Atmos’ and added a new up-firing speaker to enhance the surround sound. It seemingly sounds above the head according to the movement of the object in a video at the same instant. Interestingly new feature ‘Object Tracking Sound Pro+’ provides this facility.

There are un-numerable and un-countable functions of this Samsung’s Neo QLED TV, such as Neo Home, Neo Connect, Neo Training, Neo Office, which provides efficient learning and working experience.

Samsung is providing pre extensive benefits on the pre-purchase of this new TV. Customers who purchase Neo QLED 8K will receive 2 million Samsung Electronics membership points and up to 300,000 additional points on pre-order.

Not only this, in the bombastic announcement Samsung said that they are going to provide a premium soundbar ‘Q800’ with 8K TV set and ‘Q600’ with 4K TV set, stop not, here is something more for you.

They are providing 12 months of OTT subscription that is completely free of cost regionally and is available to selective discounted models, such as 43-inch ‘The Serif’ only. Adding to it, they are providing 5 years of product warranty and 10 years of burn-in warranty.

Guys isn’t it like a joyful feast happening around. We will update you more when this large size Neo QLED goes on pre-sale, will update you more about the region-wise timings and delivery partners as well. Till then keep posting and boasting yourself.

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