Samsung will use JDM for about 60 million smartphones in 2023

Samsung displays Apple smartphone

Samsung plans to acquire about 60 million Galaxy phones made by JDM (Joint Development Manufacturer) in 2023. With a small expansion in the use of JDM, the company will save costs to improve overall profitability.

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According to TheElec, Samsung is looking to manufacture 59.86 units of smartphones using JDM (Joint Development Manufacturers) in 2023. In a recent meeting, this plan was shared with Samsung suppliers along with their annual plan for 2023.

Samsung JDMIt is worth mentioning that Samsung’s plan to outsource 60 million Galaxy units in 2023 accounts for 18% of the total number of smartphones to be manufactured in 2023. During the meeting, the company also asked the suppliers to continue their efforts to cut costs till 2023.

As of now, Korean tech giants use four JDMs, including Wintech and Huaqin. In 2022 alone, the Korean tech giant is expected to make around 50 million smartphones using JDMs. Meanwhile, there are conflicting views on the widespread use of JDM by Samsung.

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