Samsung working on smoother screen crease for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung is quite busy minimizing the screen crease for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device. So far, the company has delivered some of the best foldable products with the Z Fold series. However, every time users got disappointed with the display tweaks.


Minimized Crease, Smoother Screen

Therefore, this time, Samsung has decided to make the screen crease look smoother with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Up to this point, Samsung has rolled out the foldable devices that carried a hinge design for the crease. With a stiff radius, the company has widely shown up the crease around the huge screen. Thus, it more often seemed like a gap in the hinge.

Samsung working on smoother screen crease for Galaxy Z Fold 4

Although, Ice Universe has thrown some light on Samsung’s plan. It further reported that the Korean manufacturer is working for a minimized crease. Hence, the screen of the flagship foldable will appear smoother than ever.

Though, users will still find the hinge to some extent. But eventually, there will be a fine texture over the display with fewer quirks. On the other hand, the firm was in-ears to indulge in some mechanical elements for a new hinge layout. Thus, we can assume that company was using new techs to cut out the excess crease for the device.

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