Samsung’s confidential source code leaked in a big security breach

Samsung has allegedly suffered a major security breach, with hackers claiming to have leaked approximately 190 gigabytes of data, including source code and biometric unlocking algorithms.

The data was originally leaked on Friday by the group including a snapshot of C/C++ directives, as reported by Bleeping Computers. The group provided more on the leaked description in an elaborative manner, saying that it contains ” confidential Samsung source code.”


The questionable code is said to be the source of every trusted Applet in Samsung’s TrustZone environment, which handles sensitive tasks such as hardware cryptography and access control.

It includes biometric unlock operation algorithm, boot loader source for recent devices, activation server source code, and complete source code used to authenticate and authenticate Samsung accounts.

When a group distributes data leaks via torrents, it is not known how much data the group has accessed. It is also unclear whether the hackers tried to demand a ransom from Samsung, but said it had demanded one from Nvidia over a recent breach.

On the other hand, the company is also tackling a scandal over Throttling, in which the software limits the performance of more than 10,000 apps, but is not a benchmarking tool. Samsung said it is been working on an update to resolve the complaints.’

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