Facebook reportedly planning for smartwatch with health features

by Ashish

It seems that Facebook took Apple seriously against the monopoly thing and now the company is preparing for its own smartwatch that could compete against the Apple Watch which is currently one of the best selling.

According to the latest news from The Information, the smartwatch from Facebook will come with the Facebook services such as Messenger and WhatsApp and will also work with a cellular connection without a tethered smartphone.

The watch will offer many services such as tracking workouts with friends or communicate with trainers and will be able to will also support health-related functionality such as health and fitness and services by companies such as Peloton.

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Facebook’s smartwatch is said to come with Google’s Android software and the social media giant is expected to sell the watch at close to the production cost as it does with its Oculus headsets. Although there is no such confirmation about the pricing of this watch but the expected price should be lower than the Apple Watch.

Looking at Facebook’s data collection it remains to be seen what will be the response from the users against this upcoming smartwatch. This is not the first product from Facebook other than its services, it also manufacture’s the products such as Oculus, portable cameras, and tablets.

As per the launch, Facebook is planning to unveil its first-ever smartwatch by the next year and the second generation to come in 2023. However, the whole information regarding the watch is not yet officially confirmed and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we receive something new on this.

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