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Future Samsung Galaxy Watch with AI process could convert PPG data into ECG 

Key Points 

  • Samsung could allow its future Galaxy Watch to convert PPG into ECG data using an AI process.
  • This feature could be seen in upcoming Galaxy Watch like the Watch 7 Series and Galaxy Ring.
  • Samsung planning to unveil its next generation of Galaxy Watch line sometime in July 2024.

Samsung has filed a new patent which shows the Korean tech giant’s plan to take things to the next level by converting your photoplethysmography (PPG) data into electrocardiograms (ECG) using AI technology. This could give users even more detailed insights into their heart health.

ECGs are widely determined as a more comprehensive and accurate method for evaluating heart health, as they can detect conditions like atrial fibrillation (AFib) and other heart rhythm irregularities. But, continuous AFib monitoring isn’t possible without a medical monitor.

So, to bring transformation in the process, Samsung has filed a patent, which shows a continuous scan of heart conditions using the AI process. By converting PPG data into ECG data, Samsung seeks to enhance the accuracy and reliability of heart rate monitoring on its future Galaxy Watches.


With the help of AI, Samsung could let its future Galaxy Watch provide users with valuable information about their heart’s electrical activity and more for alerting them to any issues that may require medical attention.

However, it’s not confirmed whether this outstanding feature will come with the next iteration of Galaxy Watch or not, but we can expect its support for Samsung’s first Galaxy Ring, as it could detect PPG signals.

Samsung says,

  • “In accordance with an embodiment of the disclosure, the close correlation between ECG and PPG is used to develop an efficient method for synthesizing ECG from PPG waveform, providing an economical and user-friendly ECG screening for continuous and long-term monitoring.”

 Samsung Galaxy Watch AI PPG ECG 


Future Samsung Galaxy Watch with AI process could convert PPG data into ECG 

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