Pixel Watch 2 personal safety

Google Pixel Watch 2 to gain three useful Personal Safety features

Google is planning to upgrade the Personal Safety department for the new Pixel Watch 2 wearable by adding three useful features to it. While the first-generation smartwatch already supports the respective capability, the tech giant is bringing a revamped version of Personal Safety to the upcoming device.

The list begins with the car crash detection present in the Pixel device. Users would be able to connect with this function using the new wearable. As a result, whenever your phone detects a crash, it will show medical information, and other relevant essentials on your watch so that responders can find it easily.

On the flip side, Personal Safety on Wear OS (Pixel Watch 2) is capable of supporting Emergency Sharing, enabling users to share their location with trusted contacts. This facility can remain active even if your phone is away from you. Although this action requires LTE and a data plan.

Next is the ‘schedule a Safety Check’ feature. As the name reflects, it attempts a safety process to verify that you are in appropriate condition. In case you do not respond to this process, it sends an alert to your emergency contacts along with your notifications.

Last but not least, Google is planning to bring more efficient translation features for Wear OS. However, this implementation may require a dedicated Translate app. But the company is trying to add an interpreter mode to the Assistant app, in handling translating operations.

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Pixel Watch 2 personal safety


Google Pixel Watch 2 to gain three useful Personal Safety features

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