Google Pixel Watch SpO2 tracking feature

Google Pixel Watch now supports overnight SpO2 tracking feature

Google is finally rolling out the most demanded feature – SpO2 tracking support for the Pixel Watch. After a long wait, the tech giant took the initiative and is introducing a significant addition to its wearable devices.

So far, the Pixel Watch has only offered the ability of estimated oxygen variation (EOV) below the ‘Restoration’ section. On the flip side, the Heart Metrics dashboard would just show ‘no recent data’ for SpO2 or skin temperature, suggesting that this change is now yet available.

However, things are ultimately changing in this concept and the manufacturer is imposing the SpO2 tracking feature on the Google Pixel Watch. This addition will fill the huge void and will make the device more compatible with health-related details.

Recently, a Pixel Watch owner run to the Reddit forum and said that he has spotted an ‘Oxygen Saturation’ card in the on-device “Fitbit Today” app. According to the information, the new tweak is present below the Sleep score at the bottom of the feed and even provides a percentage of your ‘Last sleep session’.

Yes! It’s a kind of overnight full SpO2 tracking function. Tapping on the Last sleep session option will bring you to a fullscreen stats page showing SpO2 with an explanation. Perhaps, you will get accurate inputs regarding how well is your health even at night.

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Since only one user has confirmed this change, it’s still unclear how the tech giant is pushing off the new feature. Though we will surely get some new reveals on this matter in the upcoming days. Stay Tuned.

Google Pixel Watch SpO2 tracking feature


Google Pixel Watch now supports overnight SpO2 tracking feature

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