Huawei TAG anti-lost device with IP67 dust and water resistance now officially launched

Huawei released its first anti-lost product, the HUAWEI Tag Anti-Lost device, this afternoon. According to the official introduction, the HUAWEI Tag Anti-Lost device has a weight of 6g and a thickness of 5.6mm. It supports near-field search technology, with a maximum 92-decibel bell, and a pop-up window can quickly remind you when items are left behind.


The HUAWEI Tag Anti-Lost device also supports long-distance object finding, remote positioning through Huawei’s “find” network, and positioning through hundreds of millions of Huawei devices.

In terms of privacy, the HUAWEI Tag Anti-Lost device supports encrypted reporting of location information, can be anonymous in both directions, and has a long-term security reminder function for unfamiliar HUAWEI Tags to prevent others from tracking.

In addition, the HUAWEI Tag Anti-Lost Wizard supports IP67 dust and water resistance, one battery lasts for more than a year, and a leather keychain is optional.

Moreover, the HUAWEI Tag Anti-Lost Wizard is priced at USD 14 for a single, USD 44 for a four-piece combination, and USD 10 for a leather keychain. It will be officially launched on July 30.