New update fixes Google Pixel Buds A-Series Bluetooth pairing issue

Google Pixel Buds A series bluetooth pairing issue

Google releasing a new update for Pixel Buds A-Series TWS earbuds, which improves the stability of the earbuds and fixes the Bluetooth pairing issue. For a recall, Google rolled out the first 2023 update for Pixel Buds which causes the connectivity issue on the earbuds.

The users of Google Pixel Buds A-Series were very disappointed because the update was released after a gap of two months and that too lead to the Bluetooth pairing issue. But as expected, the company is now bringing fixes for this problem and the process of pairing will be back to normal.

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To be mentioned, the new update is arriving with version number 3.519.0 and this new version is only compatible with the earbuds which are running on 3.527.0. As a reminder, the buds update first, and the case will follow after a short while. Place the buds in the case with the lid closed.

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Furthermore, the installation process will take longer than usual time. So, after performing the manual process, just leave the case open, and you’ll ultimately be notified once the installation gets completed. However, the reason for this flaw is still unknown by the developer.

Google Pixel Buds A series bluetooth pairing issue

Moving on, Google will also roll out a new update on Monday, especially for the users that have not updated their earbuds to the first 2023 update and are still on 3.514.0 from mid-October. But if you’ve already upgraded your Pixel Buds A-Series to 3.519.0 then you don’t have to install a new version.