Apple watchOS 10.0.1 update

Next Apple Watch may skip remarkable upgrades

Tech enthusiasts eagerly await the latest installment of the Apple Watch, anticipating groundbreaking features and performance improvements. However, recent reports and rumors suggest that the next Apple Watch may not include the remarkable upgrades we’ve come to expect.

As per the input, Apple’s upcoming Watch would launch in either 2024 or 2025, to mark the tenth anniversary of the device. The original Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 and released in April 2015. Additionally, it will not feature a micro-LED display or blood glucose monitoring like remarkable upgrades.

He believes these features are at least two years away from being added to the Apple Watch. Kuo further added that Apple Watch shipments are expected to decline to 36-38 million units in 2023, a decline of approximately 15% on a year-over-year basis.

As Apple continues to set its sights on the future, we can trust that each new Apple Watch will build upon the solid foundation of its predecessors, ensuring it remains a compelling and valuable part of the Apple ecosystem.

Apple watchOS 10.0.2 update


Next Apple Watch may skip remarkable upgrades

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