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Next Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED screen could be a game changer in 2025

Apple seems to be making a big upgrade in its next Watch Ultra variant, by shifting the LED to a microLED screen, with this major transformation the wearable could be a game changer in 2025. This information has uplifted the excitement of Apple lovers and tech enthusiasts.

On September 12 at the WOnderlust event, Apple unveiled the Wathc Ultra 2 with the same OLED display. But now it seems that the firm will offer its users a more relevant viewing experience by using a MicroLED display on its upcoming wearable. Yes, the next Apple Watch Ultra could feature a microLED screen.

According to the information, the next big upgrade for the Apple Watch Ultra will focus on the microLED display, which is in-house developed by Apple. Under microLED, the screen will use miniature LEDs to create the display grid, which could end up being 30 times brighter than OLED while also being more power efficient.

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Simultaneously, the same tipster also claims that the next Apple wearable could be seen in 2025, but as the firm has not yet confirmed anything officially, so we suggest taking this information as a pinch of salt.

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Next Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED screen could be a game changer in 2025

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