PRODUCT (RED) variant of Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands are now available for Apple Watch

Apple introduced a new Solo loop and braided Solo Loop along with the Watch Series 6 in September. The company also included a PRODUCT(RED) variant for both of the bands, but they were not available until October.

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The bands are now available to buy on Apple’s online store. The PRODUCT (RED) Solo Loop is priced at $49, while the Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch is available for $99.

These new Solo Loop can be used in Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 or newer. There are nine sizes from one to nine that works with 40mm cases, and sizes from four to twelve go with the 44mm cases.

Other than the PRODUCT (RED), braided loops are available in many colors such as Atlantic Blue, Inverness Green, Charcoal Black, and Pink Punch. While the Solo Loop also comes in many colors which are Pink citrus, Deep Navy, Cyprus Green, White, and Black.

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