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Samsung Galaxy Ring 2 could come with new design and display: Patent 

Key Points 

  • Samsung filed a patent application for a new smart ring in the US.
  • Samsung’s next Galaxy Ring could adopt a new design and display.
  • The first-ever Galaxy Ring will be unveiled tomorrow at the Unpacked event.

The first iteration of the Galaxy Ring is yet to be released. But Samsung seems to be already working on its successor. A recent patent filing gave us a glimpse of what the next generation of smart rings – Galaxy Ring 2 might look like.

Back in May 2024, Samsung filed a patent for its next Galaxy smart ring at the United States Patent Application Publication. However, the patent received approval now in July 2024. Here’s what the patent reveals.

The new Galaxy Ring possibly the Galaxy Ring 2 will have a revived design. The ring’s body shape could differ from the circular shape of its predecessor. It could adopt a squarish shape on the outer layer and a circular part on the inner.

The squarish layer of the ring has a display. Not just one, there is an inclusion of two displays one for selecting icons and the other for displaying detailed information. The addition of a screen will make the ring much more valuable.


The Galaxy Ring 2 is expected to include features like an acceleration sensor, GSR, SPO2, PPG, an ECG measurement, fingerprint, and temperature sensors. It will also have a vast range of connectivity options.

Lastly, the Galaxy Ring 2 is expected to come in a wide range of sizes, with 65 different sizes available in the US and 27 in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Ring 2 design


Samsung Galaxy Ring 2 could come with new design and display: Patent 

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