Samsung Galaxy Ring charging case

Samsung Galaxy Ring charging case leaked ahead of July launch 

Key Points 

  • The Galaxy Ring charging case looks like a jewelry box.
  • Consumers will need to charge their Galaxy Ring via case.
  • Samsung will launch the Galaxy Ring on July 10, 2024.

Samsung Galaxy Ring charging case leaked just ahead of its official takeoff. Yes, the South Korean tech giant will launch its first-ever Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10, 2024.

Meanwhile, the leaked image shows us the Galaxy Ring charging case design. The case has a sleek and functional design with a separate module to hold a ring, allowing users to charge their wearable on the go without compromising style.

The charging case looks somewhat like a jewelry box, and the ring’s charging mechanism seems similar to the Galaxy Buds. Besides this, the leaked image didn’t clarify any further details about the upcoming wearable.


Some previous report suggests that Galaxy Ring will be available in nine sizes, ranging from 5 to 13, following the US standard sizing. While the battery capacity of the wearable will depend on its size only. Like

This extensive size range caters to the preferences and needs of a diverse audience. From compact to larger sizes, Samsung aims to provide a wearable device that fits seamlessly into the fingers of various users.

One of the Galaxy Ring’s standout features is its diverse battery capacities. Yes, a bigger-ring size. The wearable with 5, 6, and 7 sizes will house 17mAh, and sizes 8 to 11 will feature an 18.5mAh battery. While the 12 and 13-size rings could feature a 22.5mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Ring charging case

Samsung Galaxy Ring charging case leaked ahead of July launch 

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