Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 now supports Blood Pressure and ECG features in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Blood pressure ECG feature

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is a feature riched Galaxy wearable, which is now getting the support of Blood Pressure and ECG features in Malaysia. Notably, this feature is currently limited to some markets and the company is now expanding it for more users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro users in Malaysia, can now check their Blood pressure and test ECG easily on their wrists. Notably, users can now check the software update section of their wearable as the feature has started releasing for the users from January 25.

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In this stressful world, it’s good to keep checking your blood pressure, as its unbalance could lead to heart disease. But it’s also a fact that because of our busy schedule, we don’t find time to visit doctors for our regular checkups, and here is how this new feature will work.

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Now you will be able to monitor your Blood Pressure and ECG simply on your wristwatch, which will help you get aware of your stable health anytime and save precious time. A blood pressure test measures the pressure in the arteries as the heart pumps.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Blood pressure ECG feature

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are built with a Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor inside. You can record your systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as your pulse rate, and record it in the Samsung Health Monitor Blood Pressure app.

On the other side, the ECG is a simple test to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity, in order to detect irregular rhythms. Sensors are attached to the skin to detect the electrical signals produced by your heart each time it beats and the information is recorded on a graph.

Moving on, you can also measure your Body Composition on the Galaxy Watch, which will show you your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and body water percentage. With that, you can make the right fitness, nutritional, or lifestyle changes to increase muscle and lose fat.


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