Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be first to use environmentally friendly silicone leather

Xiaomi 12S series conference on July 4th is getting closer and closer, and the official also revealed more news about the new series of devices. Today, Xiaomi officially said that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be made of environmentally friendly silicone leather, which is comfortable to the touch and super resistant to dirt.


Xiaomi officially said that the environmentally friendly silicone leather material is the first time Xiaomi has used it in the field of mobile phones. This material is often used in high-end yacht interiors, aerospace suits, etc. The eco-friendly silicone leather of the Mi 12S Ultra feels comfortable and textured.

Compared with the leather and plain leather materials commonly found on other mobile phones, the environmentally friendly silicone leather of Xiaomi 12S Ultra has better anti-aging and anti-dirty properties.

According to Xiaomi officials, the material can be refreshed with a light wipe, and it is not easy to yellow and peel after long-term use, and Xiaomi has customized the texture of the calfskin head layer to make the Xiaomi 12S Ultra feel more skin-friendly, and it is not easy to slip and fall off in the hand.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi said that Xiaomi material engineers have introduced natural silicon ore raw materials through continuous improvement so that the environmentally friendly silicone skin of Xiaomi 12S Ultra is environmentally friendly from material selection to production.

Moreover, Xiaomi previously announced that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will use the second-generation silicon-oxygen anode battery, with a battery energy density of up to 714Wh/L and a lithium-ion storage capacity four times that of traditional graphite.

At the same time, Xiaomi 12S Ultra will also be equipped with two self-developed chips, Xiaomi Pengpai P1 charging chip and Xiaomi Pengpai G1 battery management chip, which can realize real-time monitoring of battery safety in milliseconds, greatly improve the accuracy of battery life prediction, and effectively increase the battery life of mobile phones.