Xiaomi MIUI 14 will launch ‘Razor Project’ for least firmware and storage usage

MIUI 14 Xiaomi Razor Project

Well, the Xiaomi MIUI 14 leaks already aware us of its weightless and simplified nature, and a recent MIUI 14 poster gives stamp over the info, that it will launch a more streamlined system because MIUI 14 has launched the Razor Project, striving to create an ultra-pure system with “minimum firmware, minimum memory usage, and minimum non-uninstallable applications.

The”Razor Project,” with the blade facing inside, will be introduced as part of Xiaomi MIUI 14 in addition to regular upgrades. This project aims to develop “the smallest firmware, the least memory use, and the least non-uninstallable software.” an incredibly pristine system.

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At Xiaomi 13 series conference, the introduction of MIUI 14 had already been scheduled. That means the upcoming software version will pack a vast number of features, optimization, and many more in the coming days. But the twist is the firmware is so lightweight and simplifies for your Xiaomi device, thanks to Razor Project.

MIUI 14 Xiaomi Razor Project

That means that Xiaomi MIUI 14 users’ devices isn’t so heft weight, or no need to take a load for unuseful thinking.  Here the saying goes correctly – It is better to have something than never. MIUI 14 is the only software that delays and has not been launched.

Comparatively, another Chinese tech giant has already launched the Android 13-based software update for the users. But soon Xiaomi MIUI 14 also make its debut in the smartphone market, and that which can give tough competition to other Android 13 software features.

Let’s see how impactful the MIUI 14 is and what innovative features it will bring for the users. But hence it’s clear that it is going to be the most lightweight software vision of Xiaomi compared to its previous MIUI. Soon company launches it for Chinese users and it will gradually expand to other regions, so are you guys excited?


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