Xiaomi planning to replace MIUI with a new MIOS operating system: Rumor

Xiaomi MIUI MIOS operating system

Xiaomi is busy distributing the major MIUI 14 update among its eligible devices these days. Meanwhile, we are hearing some shocking rumors. As per the details, Xiaomi may replace its amazing MIUI software with a new MIOS operating system.

MIOS is not a fresh name that occurred in headlines. The respective topic has been roaming in rumors for months. While the company didn’t utter any word on this topic, a few hints say that the MIOS operating system is under development and will soon take over Xiaomi MIUI.

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According to the flashbacks, the first leak on MIOS has appeared about a decade ago. At that time, the rumor said that the new OS will hit the ground with the Mi 4 smartphone. But this statement never turned into reality to date and was tagged as a false sign.

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However, the latest detail is emerging with strong evidence on the floor. The @Techleakszone shared a snap, which shows the updates page of a Xiaomi phone running an internal build of MIOS.

Xiaomi MIUI MIOS operating system

Probably this time, we could see the MIOS rumor taking a real turn. While the company has not flared light on this matter so far, this could be a perspective to reduce the dependency of the firm and developers on Android and Google services.

The leak further explains that the MIOS operating system will be quite similar to MIUI, in terms of user experience. Although, the tech maker will revamp the internal configuration.

Next, MIOS may be running on a microkernel component, just like Google’s Fuchsia operating system. This is different from the monolithic kernel that resides in Linux.

As mentioned, Xiaomi has not promoted this new piece of creation officially till now. Yet, we could get some more details on this rumor in the time ahead.


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