Xbox’s Microsoft console will acquire 12 latest games in the coming days

by Mohit

The Xbox team has recently prepared a list of games that will appear on Microsoft consoles this week. From April 13 to April 16, the Microsoft console will acquire 12 games.

Most of them are low-budget projects, but there are also more significant ones – Super Meat Boy Forever and baseball MLB The Show 21. The latter will also appear in the Xbox Game Pass subscription from April 20.

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On the other hand, a well-known tipster Tyler McVicker often talks about Valve’s plans. The tipster said the company wants the Xbox Game Pass to hit Steam. As per the report, an insider answered questions from the audience.

Users wanted to know if the owner of a popular platform is preparing a Microsoft subscription equivalent. In response, McVeeker said no, because Valve is trying to negotiate with the American company on the Xbox Games Pass’s appearance on the Steam store.

The report is unofficial, but McVeeker’s information has been confirmed in the past. Besides, EA Play is already on Steam, so the presence of another subscription should not be ruled out.

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