Among Us ‘Airship’ update arrived with latest features, InnerSloth teases what’s next – Check here

Following the announcement of the Among Us’ major update with a new map “TheAirship, millions of users are eagerly waiting for its official launch.

Moving forward, this major update is now available with the latest functions for players which is more advanced than previous maps, including launchers and elevators that players must use to access different areas of the ship.

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The game also comes with an Airship Skin Pack that you can buy. It includes 3 new skins (one of which has a custom killer animation) and 13 new hats. You can see some of them at the beginning of the airship’s trailer.

On the other hand, the developer discussed how to respond to the huge popularity of the huge game and why it takes some time to release new features.

Moreover, the developer also remarked on the enthusiasm of the players for the update and thanked them once again after being told that there were plenty of uncompromising plans.

What’s New – TheAirship

This free map update includes:

  • The 4th map, and the biggest one yet
  • New tasks including jewel polishing, emptying the trash (wow fun), and more
  • The ability to pick the room you start in
  • All new areas to explore (or get murdered in)
  • Improved mobility with ladders and moving platforms
  • New free hats including a heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, rubber glove, and more!
  • Inspired by our other game, The Henry Stickmin Collection

Note: minimum system requirements for mobile will be iOS 13 and Android 6

Furthermore, an all-new Airship Skin Bundle is available for purchase – Check it out here and get fancy new gear to impress all your friends and enemies. Each new outfit in this bundle comes with its own custom kill animation. Not that you’ll need it.

Code of Conduct

If you saw the Among Us dev blog last month, you’ll know we have a new Code of Conduct and Account system. Please take the time to read through the Code of Conduct as you’ll be subject to them even if you claim you haven’t read it.

Here’s a recap of what the account system is all about:

  • Right now it’s focused on reporting and moderation capabilities, but in the future, we hope to add a friend system and the ability to transfer your cosmetics between devices.
  • You can only make one account per device – if multiple people are using the same device it’ll be locked for the time being, but we’re planning a hotfix for that soon.
  • You will be able to report if someone in the game is acting inappropriately, including inappropriate names, inappropriate chat, cheating/hacking, and harassment/misconduct. Consequences can range from temporary to permanent bans (including alternate accounts).
  • Note that reports will be read by people (not bots!) and you will need to provide a reason as to why you are reporting.
  • No linking of multiple accounts yet (Steam account is only on Steam, Epic account is only on Epic, etc.) It’ll be coming soon though.
  • You must create an account to access free chat (without it you will have to use Quick Chat for safety!)
  • You must create an account to freely change your display name. If you do not create an account, there will be randomized names you can choose from.
  • Usernames are not exclusive. Multiple people can have the same username. (So if you take the username “PuffballsUnited”, other people can still use “PuffballsUnited”.)
  • If you are under the minimum age of digital consent in your country (for most countries 13 is the minimum age), you have to get a parent/guardian’s permission to access free chat (which then allows you to create an account), or change your display name.
  • Without an account (or if you’re a minor who doesn’t want to ask your parent/guardian for approval), you can still play via Guest Mode. This locks you to Quick Chat and doesn’t allow you to change your name other than with a randomly generated name.


The Among Us developers provided everything goes well and there aren’t massive bugs and they need to handle from the Airship launch, they’ve got lots on our plate in terms of future plans. With our 2 new recent programmer hires they’re definitely on track for faster work.  Also, developers make a public roadmap at some point, but for now, here’s what’s on the table:

  • A full art style revamp! Puffballs have completely updated the art style with cleaner lines and an easier animation process. Can’t wait for you to see that soon!
  • Larger lobby sizes so you can play with up to 15 players. Considering The Airship’s size, we hope this will be a fun way to gather with even more of your friends.
  • More frequent, transparent updates from us! One of our big goals is to just show you the development process, what goes on behind the scenes, and for you to grow with us. We’ve learned so much and don’t want to hide anything from you when it comes to this stuff. It’s weird!
Users can download after lunch and they will be on the new map – TheAirship
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