Android 12 to come with its own ‘App Hibernation’ feature for optimized storage

Android 12

In September 2020, Google has officially launched the eleventh major generation of Android, Android 11. This version comes with several new features and improvements such as better privacy controls, notification history, chat bubbles, and an enhanced system for increase device performance.

According to a recent report, Google has submitted a code change to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) project, which added a new app hibernation application. However, the Android 11 has already announced, we can expect that it could be a feature of the upcoming Android 12.

As per the report, Google is adding a new app hibernation system service “that manages app hibernation state, a state apps can enter that means they are not being actively used and can be optimized for storage.”

However, it is still unclear whether this function will automatically hibernate the application or not. Furthermore, it is expected that this new function will compress the application into APK and related resource files to reduce the storage space from the smartphone.

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Besides, there are many third-party hibernation apps are available in the market but it needs Android super-user permissions which is not an easy task.

As we know, Google had started the Android 11 Developer Preview in February 2020. Now we’re in January 2021 and just a little bit away from the first Android 12 Developer Preview.

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