Android 12 upcoming features leaked, using a clipboard access notification similar to iOS 14

by RPRNA Group

According to the news, with Android 12 scheduled to be launched later this year, Google intends to introduce a new notification that will notify users when the app accesses the clipboard.

In iOS 14 system, Apple introduced a small banner on the top of the iPhone and iPad. When the app accesses the contents of the clipboard, iOS 14 will notify the user. Clipboard access notification is one of the new privacy features of ‌iOS 14‌.


Unlike iOS and iPadOS 14, this new feature will be optional. Google stated that after enabling this feature, “Show clipboard access permissions” will “display a message when the app accesses the text, image, or other content you copied.”

Since the launch of ‌iOS 14‌, clipboard access notifications have shown to be beneficial to users. Many users are beginning to realize that many popular applications are secretly accessing user clipboard data. Since then, most apps have patched what they call “vulnerabilities.”


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