Android 13 to highlight ‘Show QR Scanner’ option on Lock Screen

Google Android 13 Beta 2.1 rolling out with various issue fixes (Download Here)

Nowadays, we prefer to use QR codes to make payments or get details of certain products instead of searching for certain products or paying by saving the number. QR codes make everything easy for everyone, all we need to do is scan it.


Sometimes, it is very difficult for some people to figure out how to easily scan the QR code on their smartphone with ease. Mostly, you can find QR code scanning features in the stock camera app but sometimes we have to scan through Google lens.

Now, as per the information (AndroidPolice), Android 13 will make the QR code scanning feature easy for all by placing it on the lock screen. The trusted sources had shared some screenshots of this new feature.

Android 13

In the screenshot, we can easily see that in the Lock Screen settings, there’s an option of “Show QR Scanner” with enable/disable toggle. This option allows access to the QR scanner on the lock screen which helps users to easily scan any OR without opening the stock camera app or Google Lens.

Android 13

Moreover, Google will make QR code scanning easy by adding it to the Quick settings. It could be an indicator of how the lock screen feature would work which means it opens up a different scene/mode for action.

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