Android 14 location-based suggestions

Android 14 to bring location-based suggestions for wallet cards

Android 14 will jump into devices with a variety of beneficial features, and one of them could be location-based suggestions for wallet/ loyalty cards. From the name, this add-on will be available on Google Wallet and could aid users in several ways. How? Let’s find out.

To those who are unaware, loyalty cards act as identity cards issued by a retailer to its customers for their repeat visits and purchase. It also records credit points awarded for money spent in the store and brings discounts on future transactions.

Google Wallet effectively stores all your cards in one place. But it often becomes difficult to scroll through the card list and find the appropriate one when you are in the store. Thus, the tech giant is once again prompting a helpful tool with Android 14.

Once again? Yes! Initially, Google Wallet used to alert you when you were near a location where one of your loyalty cards can be accessed. However, after a few new updates, the feature vanished from the application. Finally, we could see it back with the upcoming OS.

While exploring the Android 14 beta 1, XDA developers found ‘FEATURE_WALLET_LOCATION_BASED_SUGGESTIONS’. Further, they discovered that the handsets that can support this feature will show location-based suggestions for wallet or loyalty cards, provided by the default payment application.

Android 14 location-based suggestions

On the whole, the Android 14 feature will bring location-based suggestions so that you can use your loyalty cards instantly, without searching for them throughout the Google Wallet.

Since Google Pay is considered a default payment app on most Android devices, the feature could play wonders. Yet, due to a few third-party payment apps, Google may halt this feature on its applications.

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Notably, the feature doesn’t appear on any Pixel phones running Android 14. Probably, Google is still working on it. Let’s see whether the company will bring this useful feature to the stable version in the time ahead.

Android 14 location-based suggestions


Android 14 to bring location-based suggestions for wallet cards

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