Apple advertises about iPad Air 5 with best of its features

Apple iPad Air 5

Apple released an advertisement video, saying “your next computer is not a computer” for its iPad Air 5. The company made an introduction to the device at a recent event. Revealing new features as well as implements, the video tells that the new iPad device is best than the rest.

Let us first understand, what the video tries to convey!

The video starts with introducing a college environment, showing how the iPad proves to be beneficial in student life. As the circumstances of the video exhibit an election day, therefore, the company named the video “Election”. Further, the video display how can range the operating skills of the device. For instance, using an Apple Pencil, a Magic Keyboard, or with one’s own hands.

Moreover, one can find various uses of iPad Air 5 in the video. Such as designing, creating new ideas and visuals, forming different ideologies, and whatnot. One can get a more clear image, through this video over here.

About iPad Air 5

The 10.9-inch fifth-generation device remains quite similar to the iPad Pro in terms of design and performance. However, users can find dynamic changes in the connectivity as well as a lens hood. The American tech giant implements a 12MP ultrawide shooter to the front camera. Additionally, the camera features a “Center Stage” which will keep you in the frame, no matter wherever you move.

The 5G connection device will officially launch by today in the midst of the consumers. Access to the device can grab from the Apple Store or from other selling parties in the market. Further, Apple releases different color variants for iPad Air 5 such as purple, blue, pink, starlight as well as space grey.

Via – 9to5Mac

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