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Apple halts signing iOS 16.4.1 for iPhone users

Apple has recently released the iOS 16.5 upgrade and following its rituals, the company has stopped signing the iOS 16.4.1 build version. Eventually, this action will prevent the iPhone holders to downgrade from a new firmware to the previous one.

It’s not a new attempt from the American tech giant. Apple has taken the same step for iOS 16.4, after launching the new iOS rollout. As of now, the company has stopped signing Apple iOS 16.4.1 to avoid the downgrade process among consumers.

The major reason behind this routine halt is to promote the latest version and its improvements among devices. In addition, the manufacturer also encourages users to download the newly released firmware and keep their handsets up-to-date.

Consequently, iOS 16.4.1 appeared as a minor upgrade for iPhone users. It carries a few optimizations and enhancements for the handy gadgets and made significant changes in the overall functioning of the device.

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However, a sad part is if you are constantly facing issues with the latest upgrade, then also you won’t be able to downgrade to the previous build. Though the company will push more new versions to fix the unknown bugs. Yet, this step pulls back the chance of moving to a stable version.

Thus, we suggest installing the current build at your own risk with a complete backup beforehand.

Apple signing iOS 16.4.1

Apple halts signing iOS 16.4.1 for iPhone users

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