Apple HomePod mini best-selling smart speaker in Q1 2022

Apple HomePod

According to the latest report, in the first quarter of 2022, the total sales of different Amazon and Google devices exceeded the HomePod mini figures, but Apple’s device grew 29% year on year to become the best-selling smartphone speaker.

Thanks to the HomePod mini, Apple doubled its share of the smart speaker market in 2021, and now new data shows that Apple’s only smart speaker will continue to sell well in 2022.


According to Strategy Analytics, Apple sold nearly 4.5 million HomePod minis in the first quarter of this year. The Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 8 came in second and third, although Strategy Analytics did not cite sales figures for the other models.

HomePod MINIBut it does list figures for overall smart speaker sales. When considering all of Amazon’s and Google’s various smart speaker combinations, Apple slips to third place. Overall, Amazon sold 9.9 million smart speakers, with the second-generation Echo Show 5 topping the list at 1.6 million. Google came in second with total sales of 6.1 million units, with Nest Hub sales topping the list.

Sales of Apple speakers have also grown significantly compared to the same period last year. HomePod mini grew 29.9%, with Google up 6.6% and Amazon only up 1.5% year over year. However, Strategy Analytics expects HomePod mini growth to “decelerate significantly” in 2023 “as Apple exhausts the opportunity to sell HomePod to its iPhone customer base.”

Note that Apple grew nearly 30% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021, the last quarter in which the original HomePod was released.


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