Apple reportedly invested US$45 million in Corning that manufactures super-ceramic panels for iPhone 12

Apple announced today that it will invest an additional US$45 million in Corning through its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to expand Corning’s manufacturing capabilities in the United States and promote Corning’s research and development of innovative products that support durable and long-lasting product life.

Apple said that in the past four years, Corning has received US$450 million in investment from its US$5 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund. These funds have helped Corning develop a tough and durable super-ceramic panel glass that becomes the protective glass for the iPhone 12.

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It is unclear whether Corning has reached an exclusive agreement with Apple and whether it will supply super-ceramic panel glass to other mobile phone manufacturers in the future.

Apple said in a press release that this reinforced ceramic glass is the result of joint research by Apple and Corning experts. Corning currently produces all glass for the iPhone at a factory in Kentucky.


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