Apple iOS 15.4 Tips: Re-establish Apple Watch software using your iPhone

iOS 15.4 tip: Reinstall Apple Watch through iPhone

Apple brings a new way that help’s its users to re-establish their watch through iPhones working on iOS 15.4. All you require is your iPhone and Apple Watch working on the latest firmware of the company.

Since Apple Watch doesn’t consist of any portable medium for data or updates. Hence, Apple itself is the only way to resolve the issues related to the software for its watches. Fortunately, the American tech giant came up with some ideas that can help the users to repair the issues themselves.

With the introduction of the latest iOS 15.4 as well as WatchOS 8.5, the American firm mentioned the solution for Apple Watch software defects on their official support page. According to the solution, the users do not need to send a complaint to the company. Instead, they can themselves repair the issues by simply using their iPhones.

iOS 15.4 tips: Reinstall Apple Watch through iPhone

Here are the steps that you have to take to reinstall the software for your respective wearable:
  1. Make sure that both the devices (iPhone as well as SmartWatch) are running on their latest versions of software.
  2. Turn on the Wi-Fi/BlueTooth on iPhone.
  3. Keep your Watch on the Charger in the entire process
  4. Press the side button of your watch twice, so that the reinstallation can begin
  5. Keep calm and wait, until the process gets completed

If still, the watch shows a red-colored exclamation mark on the screen, then you need to repair it either from an official repair center or from Apple Store.

You can also check the official support page of Apple: OVER HERE

Via – 9to5Mac

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