Apple iOS 17 Ping My Watch

Apple iOS 17 brings new ‘Ping My Watch’ feature for iPhone

Apple iOS 17 is a house of surprising and useful features but the new ‘Ping My Watch’ element is something that brings the user experience to the next level. Now finding your missing iPhone becomes much easier with this amazing tweak.

According to the details, the significant Ping My Watch feature in Apple iOS 17 gains a new place in the Control Center tile. It is set by default in the current scenario. Though you can check it for your handset in the beta firmware. For trying it out, you can opt for the following instructions:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select the Control Center section
  • Now swipe down and click on the + button next to Ping My Watch.
  • Again, swipe down from the top right corner to open Control Center.
  • Click on the new Ping My Watch button.

Eventually, the software update aims to make access to this useful element easier for users. The feature works efficiently as long as your phone and watch are in Bluetooth range and connected properly.

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Also, the feature is capable to help you in every condition, whether your Apple Watch is unlocked, locked, or charging. Just swipe up from the watch face, tap the phone icon and you will get closer to your missing iPhone.

Apple iOS 17 Ping My Watch


Apple iOS 17 brings new ‘Ping My Watch’ feature for iPhone

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