Apple iOS 17 macOS Game Mode

Apple iOS 17 may bring macOS Game Mode to iPhone users

Apple iOS 17 is a major software upgrade that will unlock several exciting features and one of them could be the macOS Game mode. Though there aren’t any official words on this matter. Yet, a few details hint that we might see this interesting feature for iPhone and iPad in the time ahead.

Eventually, Apple added the same macOS Game Mode framework to the iOS 17 beta 4. This signifies that the company started working on a Game Mode for iPhone users. While we can expect a similar implementation for iPad devices as well.

Notably, both operating systems share a maximum of tools and features. However, Game Mode has never been a part of this sharing. But that latest development points out a new beginning. Game Mode prioritizes hardware resources for a game, allowing it to run more smoothly.

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On the side hand, the American tech giant claims that Game Mode greatly reduces Bluetooth latency, which is excellent news for gamers using AirPods or Bluetooth controllers.

Apple iOS 17 macOS Game Mode


Apple iOS 17 may bring macOS Game Mode to iPhone users

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