Apple iOS 17 stable update

Apple iOS 17 rumored to bring these eight new features to your iPhone

Apple is busy hammering the iOS 17 software with new tweaks. In the meantime, some eager analysts have collected eight amazing and dynamic features that will make their way to iPhone devices with the Apple iOS 17 upgrade.

So without any further ado, let’s explore the eight eye-catching yet rumored Apple iOS 17 features.

1. iMessage Contact Key Verification

To begin with, the software is hearsay to bring a useful iMessage Contact Key Verification security feature. From the name, this add-on will enable users to verify extraordinary issues and digital threats. Further, it will allow users to check if they are messaging the people they intend to.

2. Control Center Revamp

iOS 17 is expected to provide a redesigned Control Panel for iPhone devices. Accordingly, users will find effective changes in Dynamic Island. Besides, they would be able to customize the Control Center in their own way. You could be able to adjust the flashlight brightness more freely than before.

3. Wallet App

This is another change that is in rumors to come along with the upcoming upgrade. Probably, users will find ‘better-top-operate’ functions in both Wallet and Health apps in the next major upgrade.

4. Journal App

Yes! Journaling App that could serve as a Sherlock Holmes in your handset is also in the ears to make its way. Perhaps, this may be a beneficial addition to those who often go on with a busy schedule.

5. App Sideloading

This is one of the most significant and long-awaited features. As the term reflects, it will allow you to install apps from third-party app stores rather than sticking to the official one. Perhaps, this feature might only take place in the EU boundaries.

6. Mood Tracking

Now this sounds quite new to the ears. According to the inputs, iOS 17 will bring bashing tools such as tracking emotion and managing vision conditions in the Health app. While there isn’t much information about the tool, it seems to suggest tasks as per users’ moods.

7.  Unwanted Tracking

Apple and Google recently joined hands to invent such measures that can protect users from unwanted tracking and stalkers. We may see this addition in the iOS 17 software upgrade as well.

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8. Next-Generation Car Play

iOS 17 is rumored to bring the next-generation CarPlay feature that will support displays, widgets, and integration with vehicles. Let’s see how many of these make their way to the reality.

Apple iOS 17 eight features

Apple iOS 17 rumored to bring these eight new features to your iPhone

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