Apple iPhone 11 was the best-selling model in Europe in Q1 2020

Smartphone sales declined 7% year-on-year (YoY) and 23% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) in Europe during Q1 2020 amid COVID-19 outbreak, according to Counterpoint. The impact of the pandemic was relatively stronger for Western Europe, down 9% YoY than for Eastern Europe, down 5% YoY. The 5G smartphone sales accounted for 4% of the overall market sales in Europe in Q1 2020.

Samsung continues to lead the chart for Q1 2020. Thanks to new smartphones available for all price segments. The Galaxy S20 launch also boosted its overall sales. While Apple remained flat for the first quarter and showed its resilience. Despite a lack of supply in some markets, the iPhone 11 series continues to perform well. Apple iPhone 11 became the best-selling model in Europe in Q1 2020.

A Chinese company, Huawei, saw declined a sharp 43% YoY. Huawei’s co-brand Honor led the Russian smartphone market in Q1 2020. Another Chinese company, Xiaomi, has been the biggest beneficiary from Huawei’s decline as it grew 145% YoY capturing 11% share in the quarter. Oppo grew more than 150% YoY, thanks to strong performances in Russia, UK, France, and Huawei’s struggles.

Peter Richardson, VP of Research said, “Q1 is seasonally weak, but the coronavirus outbreak amplified this. The smartphone market decline was primarily due to COVID-19 outbreak across the region in the second half of the quarter. The biggest five markets in Europe entered lockdowns of varying severity at different points in March. Consequently, most of the offline stores were closed, though online remained open throughout. Also, the economic impact of the pandemic has led to lengthening replacement cycles as consumers withhold making discretionary purchases.”

LATAM Smartphone Market:

In Latin America Q1 2020, the smartphone market saw a massive QoQ decline from 30.1% to 20.8%. Samsung smartphone sales dropped in volume but managed to increase its smartphone shipment market share from 35.4% in Q1 2019 to 37.9% a year later. Motorola’s shipment decreased by more than -26% compared to the same period last year. Mexico and Chile remain Huawei’s biggest markets, representing more than 60% of its regional volume. Apple’s smartphone market share grew in volume and share compared to the same period last year, thanks to iPhone 11 growth.

Apple iPhone 11 was the best-selling model in Europe in Q1 2020

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