Apple iPhone 13 ‘Pro’ models could offer up to 1TB of storage capacity

It seems like Apple’s preparation for the upcoming iPhone 13 has begun as the leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming iPhones have started to arrive. We have already encountered several leaks for the iPhone 13 models and now as per the latest information, new info has popped up related to the storage capacity.

As of now the highest amount of storage capacity we have seen in a smartphone is 512GB. Now it is said that the upcoming iPhones could offer up to 1TB of storage which is just double of what we have now. Although it may only be offered by the high-end variants of the series.

This piece of information is shared by the reliable tipster Jon Prosser on his Youtube channel Front Page Tech. He was told that the prototype of some Pro models has 1TB of storage. While there is no hint about the minimum capacity. But looking at Apple’s recently launched iPhone 12, the Pro models have lost the 64GB storage variants.

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For the Pro models, the storage capacity will likely be 128GB while the non-Pro iPhones might still have their base variant with 64GB. Also, there is a question if Apple will decrease the size of the notch of the iPhone or not.

Well, in my opinion, the US tech giant should carry on with the same notch as what we now have, it looks big but it has become an identity for the iPhones nowadays. However, it’s up to Apple, what changes it decides for the upcoming iPhone models. Meanwhile, there is also some news that suggests, the iPhone 13 could come with a smaller notch this time.

Although it remains to be seen, what new changes, the Cupertino tech giant introduce in the upcoming iPhone models. There is plenty of time left for the launch of the new iPhones and we’ll get more about them in the coming days, till then stay tuned.

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