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Apple Macs are more secure than other computers, says IDC report

Apple Macs are better and more secure than other computers in the market, that’s not us but the latest IDC report that put forth the opinion of IT departments. Surprisingly, 76% of IT decision-makers believe that Apple laptops and PCs are doing great in terms of security.

Sharing the appreciation on the Enterprise webpage, the manufacturer quoted ‘Secure by design’. Further, Apple mentioned that its devices are as secure as they are easy to use. State‑of-the‑art features make it simple to protect your data and devices. And built-in frameworks enable IT to manage security systemwide.

Ahead, the company cited a few points proving why the IDC report says that Apple Macs are more secure than other computers. These points are:

  • With the aid of Apple’s device management APIs, it is possible to manage enterprise devices from the initial boot.
  • Apple’s endpoint detection APIs help secure devices without compromising user performance.
  • Apple provides a built-in SSO framework for identity integrations with modern IdPs, enabling easy scaling to thousands of Macs and integration with Okta, Ping, and others.
  • Apple Silicon’s seamless hardware and software integration is a big IT advantage, while local Touch ID on macOS creates user trust.

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Apple Macs secure report


Apple Macs are more secure than other computers, says IDC report

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