Apple places a new 5G smartphone record with iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 5G

Apple has accomplished a new goal by placing the record of most 5G selling smartphones with iPhone 13. The smartphone has brought an appraisal in the sale of 5G variants of smartphones worldwide. As the information reveals, the goal has been set in January with a 37 percent of 5G handset sale.

5G Technology

In the fast pace era of technologies, 5G is viewed as an important aspect of devices. Everyone desires connectivity that not only remains durable but stable as well. Consequently, 5G is a source that became fruitful for both, the developers as well as the consumers. As a result, alongside the disposal of the iPhone 13, Apple made a status of most-sell 5G handsets as well.

5G is the fifth generation wireless global phone network. Being the successor of 4G, the technology offers a network that virtualizes the objects in a better way. Moreover, it connects everyone and everything in one ecosystem, all together.


If we talk about the comparison, Apple remains at the top in the marketing of 5G variants. Other tech giants such as Samsung have a count of 11 percent sale of 5G devices. Whereas, Xiaomi/Vivo and Oppo gain a maximum of 11 and 10 percent respectively.

To uplift this record to the next level, Apple is in our midst with the latest as well as the cost-effective version of the smartphone, the iPhone SE. This newest model worth $429, delivers the best range of 5G technology among users. This is revealed by the developers of the company in a recent event.

Via – Bloomberg

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