Apple planning for game console with new SoC and ray tracing support

Apple is working on a hybrid handheld console that will be equipped with a new single-chip system with a very powerful GPU. In addition, the device will support ray tracing.

These days, set-top boxes are becoming more and more powerful, which is why they are often used for various games. Apple recently unveiled the Apple TV 4K set-top box based on the A12 Bionic single-chip system, but insiders say the company is preparing a dedicated set-top box aimed directly at gamers.

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Apple’s upcoming hybrid handheld console is reportedly similar to the highly popular Nintendo Switch. The device should receive an efficient cooling system with a fan, which will greatly distinguish the new product from other Apple devices.

In addition, the single-chip system used is expected to be unlike the existing Apple A and Apple M lines. The source writes that Apple is in talks with well-known game developers such as Ubisoft to release exclusive games on the Apple Arcade service. There is also the possibility that Apple will abandon this project.


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