Apple planning to bring Covid-19 detection feature in Apple Watch using iPhone

Apple is cooperating with the University of Washington and the Seattle Flu Research Center to launch a study to study whether Apple Watch can be used to detect respiratory diseases like coronavirus or influenza.

Apple originally declared the study at the Time Flies event last September, but it was only recently launched. The goal of this study is to see whether the information collected by Apple Watch and iPhone can detect early signs of respiratory diseases such as the new coronavirus.


If the user meets the conditions and decides to perform, the user will get an Apple Watch that will collect information about the user’s health and activities.

Users will also be asked to answer simple survey questions in the Apple Research app on the iPhone, answering weekly and monthly questions about respiratory symptoms and lifestyle.

If the user becomes ill during the study, the user will get a free, at-home nasal swab to detect the new coronavirus and other respiratory diseases, and the user will be required to utilize the Apple Watch to take some additional health measurements.

The admitted participants will receive an Apple Watch for research purposes, and they will be required to wear the watch throughout the study, whether it is day or night. ” individuals greater Seattle area over 22 years, with Apple iPhone 6s or updated models can attend.

A previous independent study by researchers at Mount Sinai found that Apple Watch can effectively predict the positive diagnosis of the new coronavirus, one week earlier than the current PCR-based nasal swab detection.

Previous independent Apple Watch studies have shown that the heart sensor of smartwatches may be able to detect early symptoms of diabetes and provide early warning signals of atrial fibrillation.



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