Apple seeking tax credits from U.S. government to manufacture chips locally

by Ashish

Apple is trying to increase domestic chip production in the United States and to do so, the company has lobbied the U.S. government for some tax reduction and other benefits.

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According to Bloomberg, the lobbying for the second and third quarters was disclosed by the U.S. government this week. It reveals that Apple has lobbied the Treasury Department, Congress, and the White House.

The main reason for the lobbies is that the company wants some tax reduction for the chips produced in the country. The document described some issues related to tax credits for domestic semiconductor production.

“Apple’s U.S. lobbying efforts are now mostly led by company veteran Tim Powderly, who was promoted around the time Cynthia Hogan, Apple’s prior top U.S. lobbyist, left to join former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign. An Apple spokesman declined to comment. “

A4 chip was Apple’s first chip that was introduced with the first-generation iPad in 2010 and later on it was also added to iPhone 4 and other Apple devices. Apple uses its own chips in most of its devices and now Apple’s silicon chip will also replace the Intel processors in the upcoming Macs.

As of now, TSMC  and other chip manufacturers in Asia produce chips for Apple devices and now it has a problem due to the trade war between these countries and the United States. Due to the increasing demand for chips, Apple is looking forward to producing them on its own at a lower price.


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