Apple to launch 12.9-inch Mini LED iPad Pro and Mini LED MacBook in 2021

According to DigiTimes, Apple will launch a 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro with mini LED backlit screen next year. The iPad Pro could arrive in the early 2021 while the MacBook could be expected until second half of next year.

As per the reports, Epistar is likely to supply over 10,000 mini LEDs to Apple which will be used in new iPad Pro models. Apple also recruited Osram Opto to increase the supply of mini LEDs for its new high-end MacBook. The source pointed out that Epistar plans to start the production in the third quarter of 2020 by transforming blue LED chip manufacturing equipment.

Ming chi Kuo previously predicted that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is likely to be Apple’s first product to feature mini LED. The production for the mini LEDs will begin in the fourth quarter of 2020, Although the launch may not come until next year.

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Adding further Kuo said that, Apple is working on mini LED version of MacBook Pro, which may be released until the end of 2020. The tech giant is also working on mini LED 14.1-inch MacBook Pro but there is no information available regarding its launch date.

The mini LED display will achieve a thinner and lighter product design, while providing same advantages as the OLED displays used in latest iPhone. As compared to the OLED displays it could provide brighter and richer color with better contrast. However, the cost of this technology will be high which may increase the overall pricing of the device.

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