Apple tried to make iOS support Adobe Flash, but the result was awkward

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Following the collection of evidence by Scott Forstall, the former head of software engineering at Apple, in the Epic v. Apple case, we have learned something about the iPhone. And interesting details from the early days of the App Store. Now Forstall revealed that Apple had considered letting Adobe bring Flash to iOS, but the result was “embarrassing.”

Apple iPhone and iPod touch never supported Flash, which was indeed a very popular technology at the time. With the introduction of the iPad, this situation has become more apparent. It promises to be a replacement for computers to some extent, but it is not compatible with websites built with Flash.

Apple founder Steve Jobs has publicly stated that Apple never intends to introduce Flash into the iOS system because the company believes that the future is HTML5, which has better performance and efficiency – it turns out that he is correct. However, according to Forstall, Adobe tried to develop a Flash version for the iPhone and iPad.

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When asked about Flash support on iOS, Forstall thought that Apple even tried to help Adobe port the technology to Apple’s mobile devices, but the performance was terrible. Therefore, Apple has never allowed the release of Flash versions for iOS.

“We didn’t release Flash. We tried to make Flash work. We helped Adobe and we were absolutely interested in it. Again, I think it might be great if we can help it work. Flash has always been a problem because it’s The way the system hooks up is a virus nightmare on Windows and even Mac. When we let it run on iOS, its performance is really terrible and embarrassing, and it can never become a value-added thing for consumers. ”

Earlier this year, Adobe Flash officially discontinued support, discontinuing support in all available web browsers and operating systems. Scott Forstall left Apple in 2012, but he led the development of the iPhone and iPad, as well as its operating system.

This is why he was asked to testify in the Epic Games vs. Apple case because the two companies are in court on the popular game “Fortnite” (Fortnite) removed from the App Store and accused Apple of monopolistic behavior on their platforms Have a debate.


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