Apple TV 4K (2022) will support QMS VRR to prevent blackouts

The first batch of reviews of Apple TV 4K (2022) has been lifted. Some reviewers said that Apple will increase the fast media switching variable refresh rate (QMS VRR) through tvOS software updates.

QMS VRR prevents black screens when switching between content playing at different frame rates. Users who have the framerate “Match Content” setting turned on may already be familiar with this situation, “because it happens almost when the actual show or movie that most apps are streaming starts playing.”

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“The third-generation Apple TV 4K has another bit of future proof: Later this year, a software update will add support for so-called QMS VRR.

This enables compatible TVs to switch between different frame rates without any Black screen or noticeable interruptions. How many TVs can use QMS VRR? Well, zero at the moment. But start to see them hit the market next year.”

Apple TV 4K (2022) QMS VRRIt’s worth noting that QMS VRR doesn’t prevent black screens when switching between color spaces or HDR content. New video quality features are set to be added via a tvOS software update.

It’s unclear if the feature will also come to the second-generation Apple TV 4K, which is a possibility since the device last year introduced support for high-frame-rate HDR content up to 60FPS and HDMI 2.1.

Moreover,  the main new features of the Apple TV 4K (2022 model) include the A15 bionic chip, support for HDR10+, starting at $129, up to 128GB of storage space, thinner and lighter fanless design, and an updated Siri remote.


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